14.2.2018 klo 2.46
Recommendation for the state meet at Giants Ridge in MN.
8.2.2018 klo 22.43
Recommendation for the Pre-Birkie in Hayward, WI.
8.2.2018 klo 22.41
Formerly know as the Mora Vasaloppet, we have a recommendation up for the marathon races!
5.2.2018 klo 0.58
3.2.2018 klo 19.41
26.1.2018 klo 4.07
26.1.2018 klo 3.55
26.1.2018 klo 3.44
24.1.2018 klo 4.00
22.1.2018 klo 5.01
21.1.2018 klo 3.54
21.1.2018 klo 3.48
19.1.2018 klo 5.47
19.1.2018 klo 5.37
19.1.2018 klo 5.07
Saturday's 30/15 km Classic
10.1.2018 klo 3.17
Recommendation for this weekend.
10.1.2018 klo 2.46
It looks like it is going to be very cold this weekend in Mora. A few pointers on waxing with Black Basic Binder--hot scrape the Black Glider, brush, then let cool. The Green/Blue glide mix you should brush with hard nylon brush after you cool scrape. For Kick wax option 2, iron in Power Grip Green and smooth with synthetic cork. Base binder is not needed for Power Grip.
4.1.2018 klo 20.44
Because of new waxing restrictions put in place by the Minnesota State High School League, the recommendation will primarily focus on the grip recommendation.
3.1.2018 klo 2.29
Recommendations for all the races taking place this week! Will try to keep it updated with feedback coming straight from Anchorage.
12.12.2017 klo 22.48
Recommendation for the first set of races in the new CXC Junior Cup Series!